F. Dziennik zmian oraz uwagi o wydaniu

Ten dokument zgodny jest z NSIS 3.1

F.1 NSIS 3.0 Beta 3 (UNICODE)

Wydany 26 grudnia 2015

F.1.1 Dziennik zmian

F.1.1.1 Znaczące zmiany

F.1.1.2 Mało znaczące zmiany

  • Fixed System plugin GUID type output bug on Win98
  • FileWriteUTF16LE can add a BOM with the /BOM switch
  • CreateShortcut icon index can now be larger than 255 (bug #1123)
  • !system and !execute now provide an empty StdIn pipe to work around bugs in some Windows utilities
  • Added support for 0o octal radix prefix on number literals in the preprocessor
  • The single parameter version of !if now also supports floats
  • Preprocessor now warns when invalid floating point numbers are used in math operations
  • MakeNSISW now uses WinInet when checking for updates

F.1.1.3 Tłumaczenia

  • Brazilian Portuguese updated (Felipe) (patch #263)
  • Polish updated (Paweł Porwisz)

F.2 3.0 Beta 2

Wydany 4 sierpnia 2015

F.2.1 Dziennik zmian

F.2.1.1 Znaczące zmiany

  • Preliminary Windows 10 support

F.2.1.2 Mało znaczące zmiany

  • Added !appendfile /RawNL switch
  • Added PESubsysVer attribute
  • Exec[Wait] sets the CREATE_DEFAULT_ERROR_MODE flag when creating a process
  • Fixed 4+ TiB freespace calculation bug (bug #1115)
  • Fixed CreateShortcut /NoWorkingDir parsing bug (bug #1110)
  • Fixed minor issues in the Pascal NSIS plug-in SDK and removed the extrap global variable
  • nsDialogs and InstallOptions now use the system link color

F.2.1.3 System budowania

F.3 3.0 Beta 1

Wydany 6 października 2014

F.3.1 Uwagi o wydaniu

  • This release addresses a lot of build issues, reintroduces the nightly builds and adds automatic nightly test execution

F.3.2 Dziennik zmian

F.3.2.1 Znaczące zmiany

  • !insertmacro allows macro recursion (RFE #497)
  • Added !makensis command
  • Added new MUI2 bitmap stretch modes, *_NOSTRETCH is now deprecated (RFE #521)
  • InitiateShutdown is used to reboot the machine if available (patch #247)
  • Added PPO and SafePPO preprocess-only compiler switches
  • MakeNSIS WM_COPYDATA messages now use the QH_OUTPUTCHARSET encoding with CP_ACP as the default for compatibility with old IDEs.

F.3.2.2 Mało znaczące zmiany

  • Added IsWow64 to x64.nsh
  • Added PEDllCharacteristics attribute
  • Added System::Call direct register memory access type. (patch #249)
  • Added WX compiler switch
  • Allow skipping ExDLL build with SKIPPLUGINS (patch #254)
  • Changed default DllCharacteristics to TS_AWARE+NO_SEH+NX_COMPAT+DYNAMIC_BASE
  • Fixed Mac OS X builds (patch #253 and bug #1085)
  • Fixed POSIX !searchparse bug (patch #251)
  • Fixed !macroundef
  • Fixed test-code build target on POSIX and enabled it in nightly builds (bug #1088)
  • Fixed Visual Studio 2012 builds

F.3.2.3 Tłumaczenia

  • Added Armenian (Hrant Ohanyan)

F.4 2.50 (ANSI)

Wydany 26 grudnia 2015

F.4.1 Dziennik zmian

F.4.1.1 Znaczące zmiany

F.4.1.2 Mało znaczące zmiany

  • Preload certain system libraries to prevent dll hijacking (bug #1125)