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This category lists the most important information about Winamp and its components
Winamp version
Manufacturer Nullsoft, Inc. (AOL)
Copyright Copyright © 1997-2013 Nullsoft, Inc.
Installation type Professional Version
Installation directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp
Winamp Configuration File C:\Users\Pawel\AppData\Roaming\Winamp\winamp.ini
Current Output Plug-in Nullsoft DirectSound Output [out_ds.dll]
Current Encoder Plugin Nullsoft MP3 Encoder [enc_lame.dll]
Current DSP/Effect Plug-in None
Current Visualization Plug-in Nullsoft Milkdrop v2 [vis_milk2.dll]
Current Language Pack None (default built-in English language)
Current Icon Pack Cosmic Rhapsody - Adriana [WinampIconLibrary_Adriana.dll]
Current skin Classic Skin
Sonic Engine
Operating system Windows 10 Pro (64 Bit)
DirectX libraries version DirectX 12


This category lists all important directories used by Winamp
Installation Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp
Settings Directory C:\Users\Pawel\AppData\Roaming\Winamp
Plug-ins Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins
Skins Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Skins
Color Themes Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins\ColorThemes
System Files Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\System
Components Files Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Components
Language Packs Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Lang
Additional Language Directory Directory does not exist
Icon Packs Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Icons
DSP/Effect Plug-ins Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins
Visualization Plug-ins Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins
Milkdrop Visualizations Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins\Milkdrop2\presets
AVS Visualizations Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins\avs


This category lists all important configuration files used by Winamp
Winamp Configuration File C:\Users\Pawel\AppData\Roaming\Winamp\winamp.ini
Media Library Configuration File C:\Users\Pawel\AppData\Roaming\Winamp\Plugins\gen_ml.ini
Installation Log File C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\install.ini
Modern Skins Configuration File C:\Users\Pawel\AppData\Roaming\Winamp\studio.xnf
Milkdrop Images Configuration File C:\Users\Pawel\AppData\Roaming\Winamp\Plugins\Milkdrop2\milk2_img.ini
Milkdrop Messages Configuration File C:\Users\Pawel\AppData\Roaming\Winamp\Plugins\Milkdrop2\milk2_msg.ini
Winamp Links Configuration File C:\Users\Pawel\AppData\Roaming\Winamp\links.xml
CDROM Devices Configuration File File does not exist
Online Services Configuration File C:\Users\Pawel\AppData\Roaming\Winamp\Plugins\ml\ml_online.ini
Winamp RSS File File does not exist
Downloads Configuration File File does not exist
Podcasts Configuration File File does not exist
Transcode Configuration File File does not exist
Playlists Configuration File File does not exist


This category lists the most important Winamp playback information (thread priority, sound options, equalizer, replay gain, etc)
Playback Thread Priority Highest
Allow 24bit Disabled
Allow surround sound Enabled
Use dither Enabled
Force mono Disabled
Volume 62%
Balance Center
Use Equalizer Disabled
EQ Type Winamp 4Front EQ
Frequency bands Winamp Frequency Bands
EQ Preset Flat
Preamp +0,0 db
Use Replay Gain Disabled
Amplification mode Apply Gain / Prevent Clipping
Preffred source Track


This category lists all important information about Winamp Playlist (repeat and shuffle mode, look and behavior, ATF, etc)
Repeat mode Disabled
Manual Playlist advance Disabled
Shuffle mode Enabled (Shuffle Morph Rate: Fast)
Show playlist item number in Playlist Editor Enabled
Zero pad item numbers Disabled
Font name/size Arial, 16 pixels
Use skin or language pack font Disabled
Text Direction Force left-to-right order
Scroll playlist using Page Up/Down by x lines 1 lines
Mousewheel scrolls double number of lines Enabled
When loading multiple files, sort files by name Disabled
Assume file extension of unknown files is to be mp3
Metadata Reading Read metadata in the background when file(s) are loaded into Winamp or are played or viewed in the playlist editor
Use Advanced Title Formatting when possible Enabled
Advanced Title display format [%artist% - ]$if2(%title%,$filepart(%filename%))


This category lists all Winamp Plugins used by Winamp. Plugin is a software extension designed to enhance Winamp functionality
Plug-ins Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins

Winamp Input Plug-ins 16
Winamp Output Plug-ins 3
Winamp Vizualization Plug-ins 3
Winamp DSP/Effects Plug-ins 1
Winamp General Purpose Plug-ins 7
Winamp Media Library Plug-ins 16
Winamp Portable Media Player Plug-ins 7
Winamp Encoder Plug-ins 6
Total Number: 59 (9,86 MiB)
Winamp Input Plug-ins
Total number of input plugins: 16
Total size: 1,59 MiB (1662464 bytes)

Name File name Version Size
Nullsoft AVI Demuxer in_avi.dll 68,50 KiB (70144 bytes)
Nullsoft CD Plug-in in_cdda.dll 84,50 KiB (86528 bytes)
Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder in_dshow.dll 71,50 KiB (73216 bytes)
Nullsoft FLAC Decoder in_flac.dll 48,50 KiB (49664 bytes)
Nullsoft Flash Video Decoder in_flv.dll 43,00 KiB (44032 bytes)
Nullsoft LineIn Plug-in in_linein.dll 8,00 KiB (8192 bytes)
Nullsoft MIDI Player in_midi.dll 109,50 KiB (112128 bytes)
Nullsoft Matroksa Demuxer in_mkv.dll 40,50 KiB (41472 bytes)
Nullsoft Module Decoder in_mod.dll 161,00 KiB (164864 bytes)
Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder in_mp3.dll 263,50 KiB (269824 bytes)
Nullsoft MP4 Demuxer in_mp4.dll 53,50 KiB (54784 bytes)
Nullsoft NSV Decoder in_nsv.dll 76,00 KiB (77824 bytes)
Nullsoft Flash Control Playback in_swf.dll 23,50 KiB (24064 bytes)
Nullsoft Vorbis Decoder in_vorbis.dll 242,00 KiB (247808 bytes)
Nullsoft Waveform Decoder in_wave.dll 23,50 KiB (24064 bytes)
Nullsoft Windows Media Decoder in_wm.dll 306,50 KiB (313856 bytes)

Winamp Output Plug-ins
Total number of output plugins: 3
Total size: 96,00 KiB (98304 bytes)

Name File name Version Size
Nullsoft Disk Writer out_disk.dll 24,00 KiB (24576 bytes)
Nullsoft DirectSound Output out_ds.dll 52,50 KiB (53760 bytes)
Nullsoft Wave Output out_wave.dll 19,50 KiB (19968 bytes)

Winamp Visualizations Plug-ins
Total number of visualisation plugins: 3
Total size: 900,55 KiB (922166 bytes)

Name File name Version Size
Nullsoft Advanced Visualization Studio (AVS) vis_avs.dll 452,05 KiB (462902 bytes)
Nullsoft Milkdrop v2 vis_milk2.dll 415,50 KiB (425472 bytes)
Nullsoft Tiny Fullscreen vis_nsfs.dll 33,00 KiB (33792 bytes)

Winamp DSP/Effect Plug-ins
Total number of DSP/Effect plugins: 1
Total size: 40,50 KiB (41472 bytes)

Name File name Version Size
Nullsoft Signal Processing Studio (SPS) dsp_sps.dll 40,50 KiB (41472 bytes)

Winamp General Purpose Plug-ins
Total number of general plugins: 7
Total size: 2,39 MiB (2503680 bytes)

Name File name Version Size
Nullsoft Winamp Error Feedback Plug-in gen_crasher.dll 50,50 KiB (51712 bytes)
Nullsoft Modern Skins Support gen_ff.dll 1,63 MiB (1710080 bytes)
Nullsoft Global Hotkeys gen_hotkeys.dll 30,50 KiB (31232 bytes)
Jump To File Extra (JTFE) gen_jumpex.dll 188,50 KiB (193024 bytes)
Nullsoft Media Library gen_ml.dll 322,50 KiB (330240 bytes)
System pomocy dla Winampa gen_pl.dll 1.0 157,00 KiB (160768 bytes)
Nullsoft Notification Area Control gen_tray.dll 26,00 KiB (26624 bytes)

Winamp Media Library Plug-ins
Total number of Media Library plugins: 16
Total size: 1,75 MiB (1836032 bytes)

Name File name Version Size
Nullsoft Auto-Tagger ml_autotag.dll 27,50 KiB (28160 bytes)
Nullsoft Bookmarks ml_bookmarks.dll 31,00 KiB (31744 bytes)
Nullsoft Device Manager ml_devices.dll 221,50 KiB (226816 bytes)
Nullsoft Rip & Burn ml_disc.dll 195,50 KiB (200192 bytes)
Nullsoft Downloads ml_downloads.dll 56,50 KiB (57856 bytes)
Nullsoft History ml_history.dll 60,00 KiB (61440 bytes)
Nullsoft Database Import / Export ml_impex.dll 52,50 KiB (53760 bytes)
Nullsoft Library ml_local.dll 321,00 KiB (328704 bytes)
Nullsoft Nowplaying ml_nowplaying.dll 22,50 KiB (23040 bytes)
Nullsoft Online Services ml_online.dll 136,50 KiB (139776 bytes)
Nullsoft Playlists ml_playlists.dll 109,50 KiB (112128 bytes)
Nullsoft Playlist Generator ml_plg.dll 83,50 KiB (85504 bytes)
Nullsoft Portable Music Player Support ml_pmp.dll 280,50 KiB (287232 bytes)
Nullsoft Replay Gain Analyzer ml_rg.dll 38,00 KiB (38912 bytes)
Nullsoft Format Convertor ml_transcode.dll 33,00 KiB (33792 bytes)
Nullsoft Podcasts ml_wire.dll 124,00 KiB (126976 bytes)

Winamp Portable Device Plug-ins
Total number of portable plugins: 7
Total size: 503,50 KiB (515584 bytes)

Name File name Version Size
Nullsoft ActiveSync pmp_activesync.dll 29,50 KiB (30208 bytes)
Nullsoft Android Device pmp_android.dll 57,00 KiB (58368 bytes)
Nullsoft iPod Device pmp_ipod.dll 157,00 KiB (160768 bytes)
Nullsoft Creative NJB pmp_njb.dll 20,50 KiB (20992 bytes)
Nullsoft PlaysForSure pmp_p4s.dll 111,00 KiB (113664 bytes)
Nullsoft USB Device pmp_usb.dll 52,00 KiB (53248 bytes)
Nullsoft Wi-Fi Device pmp_wifi.dll 76,50 KiB (78336 bytes)

Winamp Encoder Plug-ins
Total number of encoder plugins: 6
Total size: 2,63 MiB (2759680 bytes)

Name File name Version Size
Nullsoft AAC Encoder enc_fhgaac.dll 1020,50 KiB (1044992 bytes)
Nullsoft FLAC Encoder enc_flac.dll 18,00 KiB (18432 bytes)
Nullsoft MP3 Encoder enc_lame.dll 18,00 KiB (18432 bytes)
Nullsoft Ogg Vorbis Encoder enc_vorbis.dll 1,57 MiB (1643520 bytes)
Nullsoft WAV Encoder enc_wav.dll 14,00 KiB (14336 bytes)
Nullsoft WMA Encoder enc_wma.dll 19,50 KiB (19968 bytes)


This category lists all Winamp system components used by Winamp (system files, component files and modern skin component files)
System Files Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\System
Components Files Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Components
Modern Skin Components Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins\freeform\wacs

Winamp System Files (.w5s) 31
Winamp Component Files (.w6c) 1
Modern Skin Component Files (.wac) 2
Total Number: 34 (4,81 MiB)
Winamp System Files (.w5s)
Total number of Winamp System Files: 31
Total size: 4,14 MiB (4344320 bytes)

Name File name Version Size
Winamp AAC Decoder Service aacdec.w5s 902,00 KiB (923648 bytes)
Winamp ADPCM AVI Decoder Service adpcm.w5s 17,50 KiB (17920 bytes)
Winamp ALAC Decoder Service alac.w5s 22,00 KiB (22528 bytes)
Winamp Album Artwork Management Service albumart.w5s 25,50 KiB (26112 bytes)
Winamp Authentication Service auth.w5s 166,50 KiB (170496 bytes)
Winamp BMP Image Service bmp.w5s 18,50 KiB (18944 bytes)
Winamp Devices Support Service devices.w5s 33,50 KiB (34304 bytes)
Winamp Download Manager Service dlmgr.w5s 18,00 KiB (18432 bytes)
Winamp F263 Decoder Service f263.w5s 52,50 KiB (53760 bytes)
Winamp File Reader Service filereader.w5s 15,00 KiB (15360 bytes)
Winamp GIF Image Service gif.w5s 19,50 KiB (19968 bytes)
Winamp Gracenote Support Service gracenote.w5s 17,00 KiB (17408 bytes)
Winamp H.264 Decoder Service h264.w5s 666,50 KiB (682496 bytes)
Winamp Networking Service jnetlib.w5s 610,00 KiB (624640 bytes)
Winamp JPEG Image Service jpeg.w5s 153,00 KiB (156672 bytes)
Winamp MPEG-4 Part 2 Decoder Service mp4v.w5s 203,00 KiB (207872 bytes)
Winamp Browser Service ombrowser.w5s 302,00 KiB (309248 bytes)
Winamp PCM Decoder Service pcm.w5s 13,50 KiB (13824 bytes)
Winamp Playlists Core Service playlist.w5s 86,50 KiB (88576 bytes)
Winamp PNG Image Service png.w5s 84,00 KiB (86016 bytes)
Winamp Primo SDK Support Service primo.w5s 14,50 KiB (14848 bytes)
Winamp Tagz Formatting Core Service tagz.w5s 23,50 KiB (24064 bytes)
Winamp Theora Decoder Service theora.w5s 54,00 KiB (55296 bytes)
Winamp Timer API & Scripting Support Service timer.w5s 33,00 KiB (33792 bytes)
UnicodeTaskbarFix UnicodeTaskbarFix.w5s 10,50 KiB (10752 bytes)
Winamp VLB Decoder Service vlb.w5s 122,50 KiB (125440 bytes)
Winamp VP6 Decoder Service vp6.w5s 178,50 KiB (182784 bytes)
Winamp VP8 Decoder Service vp8.w5s 230,50 KiB (236032 bytes)
Winamp Wasabi v2 Services Loader wasabi2.w5s 45,50 KiB (46592 bytes)
Winamp XML Service xml.w5s 87,00 KiB (89088 bytes)
Winamp XML Shareable Playlist Format Support xspf.w5s 17,00 KiB (17408 bytes)

Winamp Component Files (.w6c)
Total number of Winamp Components: 1
Total size: 17,50 KiB (17920 bytes)

Name File name Version Size
Winamp SSDP API Service ssdp.w6c 17,50 KiB (17920 bytes)

Modern Skin Component Files (.wac)
Total number of Modern Skin Component Files: 2
Total size: 665,50 KiB (681472 bytes)

Name File name Version Size
Winamp Color Editor Component \ColorEditor\coloreditor.wac - 339,50 KiB (347648 bytes)
Winamp Modern Skin Component \freetype\freetype.wac - 326,00 KiB (333824 bytes)


This category lists all other important files used by Winamp (other dll libraries and executable files)
Winamp Installation Directory (Root) C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp
Winamp Plugins Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins
Winamp Gracenote Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins\Gracenote
Winamp Runtime C Library Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Microsoft.VC90.CRT

Winamp Dynamic-Link Libraries (*.dll) 29
Winamp Executable Files (*.exe) 8
Total Number: 37 (15,81 MiB)
Winamp Dynamic-Link Libraries (*.dll)
Total number of other Winamp Dynamic-Link Libraries: 29
Total size: 12,32 MiB (12918016 bytes)

Name File name Version Size
Winamp CD Rip & Burn Resources burnlib.dll 82,50 KiB (84480 bytes)
Elevator Dynamic Link Library elevatorps.dll 50,50 KiB (51712 bytes)
Winamp Networking Service jnetlib.dll 607,00 KiB (621568 bytes)
Winamp FLAC Library libFLAC.dll 135,00 KiB (138240 bytes)
Winamp libmp4v2 Library libmp4v2.dll 205,50 KiB (210432 bytes)
Winamp libsndfile Library libsndfile.dll 254,00 KiB (260096 bytes)
Winamp Nullsoft Database Engine (NDE) Library nde.dll 84,50 KiB (86528 bytes)
Winamp Shared Code Library nsutil.dll 409,00 KiB (418816 bytes)
Winamp Shared Code Library nxlite.dll 28,50 KiB (29184 bytes)
Prassi PrimoSDK pxsdkpls.DLL 194,48 KiB (199152 bytes)
Winamp Shared Code Library tataki.dll 86,50 KiB (88576 bytes)
Winamp ZLIB Library zlib.dll 43,50 KiB (44544 bytes)
Winamp Lame Encoder \Plugins\lame_enc.dll - 499,50 KiB (511488 bytes)
Winamp VP3 support \Plugins\nsvdec_vp3.dll - 99,00 KiB (101376 bytes)
Winamp VP5 support \Plugins\nsvdec_vp5.dll - 169,00 KiB (173056 bytes)
Winamp Read File \Plugins\read_file.dll - 82,50 KiB (84480 bytes)
Winamp Replay Gain Analyser \Plugins\ReplayGainAnalysis.dll - 11,50 KiB (11776 bytes)
Winamp Shared Code Library \Plugins\tataki.dll 86,50 KiB (88576 bytes)
CDDBControl Core Module \Plugins\Gracenote\CDDBControlWinamp.dll 1,54 MiB (1615088 bytes)
CddbMusicID Module \Plugins\Gracenote\CddbMusicIDWinamp.dll 905,23 KiB (926960 bytes)
CddbPlaylist2 Module \Plugins\Gracenote\CddbPlaylist2Winamp.dll 1,08 MiB (1127664 bytes)
CDDBUIControl Module \Plugins\Gracenote\CDDBUIWinamp.dll 1017,23 KiB (1041648 bytes)
Gracenote Waveform SDK \Plugins\Gracenote\CddbWOManagerWinamp.dll 381,23 KiB (390384 bytes)
Cddbx1 \Plugins\Gracenote\Cddbx1.dll 221,23 KiB (226544 bytes)
Cddbx2 \Plugins\Gracenote\Cddbx2.dll 1,32 MiB (1385808 bytes)
Cddbx3 \Plugins\Gracenote\Cddbx3.dll 1,60 MiB (1680624 bytes)
Cddbx4 \Plugins\Gracenote\Cddbx4.dll 269,23 KiB (275696 bytes)
Cddbx5 \Plugins\Gracenote\Cddbx5.dll 381,23 KiB (390384 bytes)
Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008 \Microsoft.VC90.CRT\msvcr90.dll 9.00.30729.6161 637,83 KiB (653136 bytes)

Winamp Executable Files (*.exe)
Total number of other Winamp Executable Files: 8
Total size: 3,49 MiB (3661942 bytes)

Name File name Version Size
Winamp Elevator Elevator.exe 90,59 KiB (92768 bytes)
Winamp Installer UninstWA.exe 349,57 KiB (357959 bytes)
Winamp 5.666 PL UninstWA_PL.exe 186,76 KiB (191243 bytes)
Winamp Color Themes Pack 2.5 UninstWCT.exe 192,19 KiB (196807 bytes)
Cosmic Rhapsody Icon Pack UninstWIP_CosmicRhapsody.exe 2.4 203,31 KiB (208189 bytes)
Winamp winamp.exe 2,22 MiB (2326624 bytes)
Winamp Agent winampa.exe 83,59 KiB (85600 bytes)
Winamp Error Reporter \Plugins\reporter.exe 198,00 KiB (202752 bytes)


This category lists all Icon Packs used by Winamp. Each Icon Pack contains a set of predefined icons displayed for file types associated with Winamp
Winamp Icon Packs Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Icons
Winamp Icon Pack support plugin C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins\gen_jumpex.dll

Cosmic Rhapsody Icon Pack Libraries 6
Total Number: 6 (34,24 MiB)
Winamp Icon Pack Cosmic Rhapsody
Total number of Winamp Icon Pack Libraries: 6
Total size: 34,24 MiB (35904000 bytes)

Name File name Version Size
Cosmic Rhapsody - Black Vision WinampIconLibrary_BlackVision.dll 1.1 4,27 MiB (4481024 bytes)
Cosmic Rhapsody - Black Vision2 WinampIconLibrary_BlackVision2.dll 1.1 4,27 MiB (4479488 bytes)
Cosmic Rhapsody - Dust Tail WinampIconLibrary_DustTail.dll 1.1 6,10 MiB (6391296 bytes)
Cosmic Rhapsody - Dark Dream WinampIconLibrary_DarkDream.dll 1.1 5,90 MiB (6185472 bytes)
Cosmic Rhapsody - Mars Invader WinampIconLibrary_MarsInvader.dll 1.1 5,61 MiB (5886976 bytes)
Cosmic Rhapsody - Adriana WinampIconLibrary_Adriana.dll 1.3 8,09 MiB (8479744 bytes)


This category lists all language packs and other language files for Winamp. Language files allows to change language for Winamp interface
Language Packs Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Lang

Winamp Language Packs (.wlz) 15
Winamp Language Packs (In Folder) 0
Total Number: 15 (20,69 MiB)
Winamp Language Packs (.wlz)
Total number of Winamp language Pack (WLZ) files: 15
Total size: 20,69 MiB (21700179 bytes)

Language File Name File Size Language (Country)
Built-in Language - English (US)
Winamp-de-de.wlz 1,69 MiB (1768440 bytes) German (Germany)
Winamp-es-us.wlz 1,57 MiB (1649443 bytes) Spanish (USA)
Winamp-fr-fr.wlz 1,67 MiB (1749647 bytes) French (France)
Winamp-hu-hu.wlz 1,17 MiB (1229474 bytes) Hungarian (Hungary)
Winamp-id-id.wlz 1,45 MiB (1521099 bytes) Indonesian (Indonesia)
Winamp-it-it.wlz 1,25 MiB (1311032 bytes) Italian (Italy)
Winamp-ja-jp.wlz 1,20 MiB (1256218 bytes) Japanese (Japan)
Winamp-ko-kr.wlz 847,53 KiB (867874 bytes) Korean (Korea)
Winamp-pl-pl.wlz 1,79 MiB (1874187 bytes) Polish (Poland)
Winamp-pt-br.wlz 1,87 MiB (1960403 bytes) Portuguese (Brazil)
Winamp-ro-ro.wlz 1,37 MiB (1436685 bytes) Romanian (Romania)
Winamp-ru-ru.wlz 1,91 MiB (2003621 bytes) Russian (Russia)
Winamp-sv-se.wlz 1,34 MiB (1403946 bytes) Swedish (Sweden)
Winamp-zh-cn.wlz 784,12 KiB (802935 bytes) Chinese (China)
Winamp-zh-tw.wlz 844,90 KiB (865175 bytes) Chinese (Taiwan)

Winamp Language Packs (In Folder)
Total number of Winamp Language Packs (in Folder): 0
Total size: -

No Language Pack in Directory Installed


This category lists all Winamp skins used by Winamp. Skins allows to easily change user interface. Winamp supports Classic and Modern skins
Winamp Skins Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Skins

Winamp Skins in Folder 3
Winamp Classic Skins (.wsz) 0
Winamp Modern Skins (.wal) 0
Winamp Other Skins (.zip) 0
Total Number: 3 (2,01 MiB)
Winamp Skins in Folder
Total number of Winamp Skins in Folder: 3
Total size: 2,01 MiB (2112048 bytes)

Skin Name Skin Type Skin Size Skin Version
Classic Skin Winamp Built-In Classic Skin -
Bento Winamp Modern Skin 286,65 KiB (293532 bytes) 1.2.1
Big Bento Winamp Modern Skin 853,13 KiB (873605 bytes) 1.2.1
Winamp Modern Winamp Modern Skin 922,76 KiB (944911 bytes) 1.1.1

Winamp Classic Skins (.wsz)
Total number of Winamp Classic Skins: 0
Total size: -

No Classic Skin is installed

Winamp Modern Skins (.wal)
Total number of Winamp Modern Skins: 0
Total size: -

No Modern Skin is installed

Winamp Other Skins (.zip)
Total number of Winamp Other Skins: 0
Total size: -

No Other Skins installed


This category lists default Winamp visualisation presets. Visualization plugins are dynamic add-ons that produce images, colors and textures that change based elements of the music being played. Preset is an output of specified visualization platform
AVS Visualisations Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins\avs
Milkdrop Visualisations Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins\Milkdrop2\presets

Winamp AVS Visualisation Presets (.avs) 124 (1,21 MiB (1273618 bytes))
Winamp Milkdrop Visualisation Presets (.milk) 552 (4,72 MiB (4946630 bytes))
Total Number: 676 (5,93 MiB)


This category lists default DSP/Effect Winamp plugin presets - Signal Processing Studio (SPS presets are DSP effects settings)
Signal Processing Studio Files Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins\DSP_SPS

Signal Processing Studio Files (.sps) 17
Total Number: 17 (24,26 KiB)


Native Winamp Plugin/Component
Third-party Winamp Plugin/Component
Third-party (WACUP) Winamp Plugin/Component

Currently used Winamp Plugin
Currently used Winamp Skin
Currently used Winamp Language Pack
Currently used Winamp Icon Pack