Winamp is the best, freeware media player that allows you to play most audio formats (including Internet Radio Stations) and video. Winamp works with portable media players, allows you to rip and burn CDs, has a built-in media library, graphic equalizer and visualizations. With the advanced plug-in mechanism, you have the possibility to increase its functionality. Thanks to skins Winamp can look and behave as you like...

Winamp Information Tool is simple and intuitive tool. This program allows you to gather and display all available informations about Winamp. This program is simple and intuitive. The main interface consists of several tabs. Each tab shows relevant informations. It allows you to generate a report in text format *.txt (clear and simple text) or *.html format (formatted, nice-looking document with images).

Winamp Information Tool doesn't require installation (it works in portable mode). Just download the file and run it. This program is part of the Winamp Tools software, dedicated to Winamp (so it can be also installed thanks to simple and easy to use installer, written in NSIS).

Program in current version:

  • Has an intuitive and simple interface
  • Has small size, is portable, compatible with Windows 7+
  • Thanks to preferences, allows you to customize it
  • Allows to generate detailed TXT report with information about Winamp
  • Allows to generate detailed HTML report with information about Winamp
  • Is available in several languages

Program can generate summary informations and save it to raport file. User can choose between 2 formats. Here are example reports in HTML format and TXT format.

As mentioned above, this program supports different languages. If you want you can translate it to your language. To do this, download the Winamp Information Tool, go to the folder "Lang" and use the "English.lng" reference file. Read carefully all notes it contains. Also, check if your language is already supported. When you finish your translation, you can send me it via e-mail.


You can download Winamp Information Tool application. Downloaded file is compressed as zip archive. When you finish downloading, you need to uncompress it (using for example free 7zip application). Then you can run it.

Winamp Information Tool is designed for Windows 7 operating system (or newer). Winamp need to be installed. Winamp Information Tool is completely free.

Download Winamp Information Tool

If for some reason you are interested in an earlier version of Winamp Information Tool you can visit Winamp Archive page and download appropriate version.